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Studeer Slim provides individual tutoring in for students in Groningen and Leeuwarden. We ensure optimal preparation for exams, assignments or any other type of assessment. We offer high quality individual tutoring in a wide variety of courses.

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“European Law  is one of the most difficult courses in the Bachelor Law and I was not able to pass the exam with an 8 without the StudeerSlim exam training. The study material and teachers were of high quality and the course was well organized.”

PieterTentamentraining Europees Recht

“When I came to Groningen I had trouble at all to pass examinations. With the help of Studeer Slim I first went to pass my exams and end up with an 8.5 average. Many thanks to StudeerSlim!”

ArslanEconomics and Business Economics

“I have finished two exam trainings at Studeer Slim and I am absolutely happy with the trainings. Exam trainings not only cover a clear explanation of theory, it gives ample opportunity to practice exam questions. There is also plenty of time to ask questions.”

JanineTentamentraining Statistiek Psychologie

‘I was optimally prepared after the Studeer Slim exam training and even got an 8! I would like to recommend students to enroll for Studeer Slim exam trainings, it is more than worth the money”

JeroenMathematics Pre-Master

“I quickly got familiar with all the study material due to the Studeer Slim exam training. The teacher explained well and had a lot of experience. I’ll definitely come back!”

BarbaraTentamentraining Rechten

“The clear explanation and practicing exams absolutely helped me to pass the exam in the first time with an 8. Both the study material and teacher were of great quality and I am happy that I was allowed to do the training.”

JeroenTentamentraining Statistics

About StudeerSlim

Excellent teachers for higher results

Studeer Slim guarantees high-quality study assistance. For that reason, we only hire students who perform among the very best and in addition, have the ability to communicate their knowledge in an accessible and understandable way. Studeer Slim maintains strict selection criteria for our tutors to make sure students will receive high-quality tutoring.

Flexibele bijles

Tutoring sessions will be provided on a central, external location. For example at home or on a convenient place like the library.

Room for your ideas

StudeerSlim has a positive attitude towards cooperation with student societies, educational institutions and other companies. We love to help out your members or students. There is room for your ideas, we will think along!

School for our staff

At StudeerSlim our we offer our student-teachers and coordinators the chance to develop their talents in the best possible way and progress teaching skills and knowledge.

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